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Winclaire specialists will help you choose the type of transport and transportation route for your cargo with the best ratio of cost and speed of transportation. So, for expensive and light perishable goods, such as flowers, air transportation is the best option. But for the vast majority of goods, air transportation is unprofitable. Such cargoes are transported in containers, both by rail and by sea, and more often so-called multimodal transportation is carried out, when a container is delivered by sea from China to a port in another country, and from there by rail to its destination.

When calculating the loading of a container, it is important not to exceed the maximum allowable weight. For example, a 20-foot container can load up to 28180 kg, but this figure is usually less depending on the restrictions of the railway, the shipping line, the availability of cranes with the appropriate lifting capacity at destinations or transshipment. In addition, when planning an order, it is necessary to remember the volume of the container and the dimensions of the doors (they are slightly smaller than the total height and width).

Winclaire can offer wagon rentals. For some goods, the railway extends the requirement of mandatory protection, which entails additional costs. These costs can be calculated in advance using the TNVED code.

In container transportation, to load goods ready for shipment, a container is delivered to the plant or the cargo is brought by road to a warehouse at a railway station or near a port where loading into a container is carried out. The second option is cheaper, but the first option eliminates the need for reloading and provides more professional loading into the container, because. it is carried out by factory workers.

When a one-time order of a whole container from one plant is not economically beneficial to the client, Winclaire will consolidate the cargo, that is, it will bring the cargo from different plants to the warehouse, where it will load it into one container, while monitoring the storage conditions of the cargo prior to its loading in order to exclude such troubles like getting wet as a result of outdoor storage.

It must be remembered that there are classes of dangerous goods that require special precautions during transportation and, accordingly, additional costs.

Winclaire can, on behalf of the client, carry out cargo insurance.

Once your shipment has been shipped, Winclaire’s staff will track the container or wagon and update the customer’s location on a regular basis.