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Placing an order

A factory inspection by Winclaire employees before signing a contract ensures that we are dealing with a serious partner with the ability to produce the right product. Indeed, the root cause of many problems with the quality of Chinese goods is that often Chinese manufacturers agree to supply a foreign customer with a product that they are not able to produce themselves, in the hope that they will be able to buy it elsewhere. Often in such a scenario, the Chinese factory not only does not comply with the requirements for the product, but even itself has no idea about the level of quality of the goods that it supplies.

A mandatory step before signing contracts is to check the documents and seals of the manufacturer. Thus, we protect ourselves not only from unscrupulous entrepreneurs: sometimes such a check shows that a Chinese enterprise, sincerely intending to cooperate, is not able to provide a package of documents necessary for the export of a certain type of goods due to its status.

At the end of production, prior to shipment, Winclaire employees will receive the goods in accordance with the instructions received from the customer. The importance of acceptance cannot be overestimated. A defect found upon acceptance can be exchanged or demanded from the plant to urgently eliminate it, and if this is not possible, consider compensation. In the case when a marriage is discovered abroad, it is much more difficult to change something. It is interesting that the products rejected by us at some factories were not sent for scrap, but were loaded to those customers who did not come to receive their goods.